7. Nuisance and noise

Section 7 – NUISANCE & NOISE

a) It is important to remember the need for co-operation with other residents. For this reason leases impose various restrictions. The most common form of nuisance is noise, and residents are asked to ensure that the level of any noise caused by them is not audible outside the flat. It should be borne in mind that sound carries through the building more easily at night and in hot weather when windows are open.
o Always ensure that the level of any noise is not audible outside your flat.
o It is a condition of the lease that floors must be carpeted with underlay in all
rooms except the kitchen and bathroom to minimise noise disturbance.
o Please be aware that door slamming and heaving thuds on your floor and the
moving of furniture around your flat can also cause a disturbance,
o Avoid noisy housework like vacuuming late at night or early in the morning.
o Please refrain late at night from standing outside other resident’s windows or within the corridors chatting with friends or talking on your mobiles as this can cause a disturbance to other residents.
o Please be aware if undertaking any DIY works to your flat that in order to minimise the disturbance to other residents that the works must be carried out between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8.30 – 1pm on Saturday. Sunday & Bank Holiday work is not permitted. Please also ensure that you have read the section on repair works within flats in conjunction with this.

Please ensure that if you are undertaking works of a noisy nature that you notify your surrounding neighbours including above & below in advance of such works (at least 24hrs) and approximate length of time these will take. Refurbishment works or works involving replacing kitchens and bathroom we ask that you speak to Estate Office staff prior to undertaking these to ensure that you are compliant with the lease as a Licence to Alter may be required in accordance with the lease dependant on the works being undertaken and also to ensure that due to the nature of noisy works distribution of letters to flats within the area of works is correctly carried out.

o Always ensure that any complaints received from your neighbours and/or in house staff in respect of noise are respected and that you rectify the cause of complaint immediately.
e No mechanical instrument, television, radio or other noise making instrument of any kind shall be played or used in the demised premises between the hours of 11pm and 8am and nor at any time so as to cause any nuisance or annoyance to any of the residents in the building and the decision of the Managing Agents as to what constitutes a nuisance or annoyance shall be final and binding on the parties.
The suggested course of action in the event of noise nuisance is for the resident, to ring the main reception desk immediately at the time of the disturbance on 0208673 8592 and staff will approach the offender on your behalf.

Please ensure that any formal complaint is made in writing to the Estate Office and every attempt will be made on your behalf to stop the nuisance.
For persistent noise offences such as loud music, despite intervention by reception staff and office staff should this persist then we advise that you ring Wandsworth Council Environmental Services on 0208871 7869 and if you leave a message and contact number (this is for staff protection) then they will call you back to assist with your problem. The Officers do have the power to remove noise making equipment and enforce orders against offenders. The calls are logged and if further action is to be taken this will be necessary as a log of events.

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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