Your Essential Du Cane Court Residents Guide: Unlocking the Best of London Living

Welcome to Du Cane Court, a remarkable residential building renowned for its iconic stature and rich history. With over 600 apartments, this architectural gem stands as one of London’s largest purpose-built private residential blocks. As a building steeped in heritage and boasting a range of unique apartment layouts, it becomes evident that a comprehensive residents guide is essential. This guide will serve as an invaluable resource, offering essential information, tips, and insights tailored to the diverse needs of Du Cane Court’s residents. From navigating the building’s facilities to embracing the local community, this guide will ensure that residents fully embrace and appreciate the unparalleled lifestyle offered by this historic landmark.

Guidelines to flat owners

This booklet has been produced in consultation with the Residents Association and the Freeholders, Dorrington Belgravia Limited. It is intended to offer assistance and guidance on a number of areas likely to concern residents at Du Cane Court. The aim is to ensure that the building is run in the most efficient manner for the safety and collective benefit of everyone.
Du Cane Court Guide for owners and tenants October 2015
1. Whom to contact
2. Selling, Sub-letting, building alterations
3. Accounting procedures & service charge
4. Key permission slips/External keys
5. Repairs to flats and alteration works
6. Building insurance
7. Nuisance and noise
8. Carpeting and wooden floors
9. Animals
10. Window dressing and laundry
11. Chute rooms/refuse collection/recycling
12. Security
13. Skips
14. Parking & Bicycle storage
15. TV Aerials & Sattelite dishes
16. In case of fire!
17. Lifts
18. Service lift
19. Boilers
20. Pest control
21. Gardens
22. Contractor guidelines
23. Plumbing liabilities
24. Insurance and liabilities
25. Freeholder policy on rent collection
26. In-house plumber
27. Du Cane Court Floor Plan
28. Additional information (council tax, water rates, electricity supply, etc)
29. Water hygiene

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

Download the full Du Cane Court Guide for owners and tenants October 2015

Note: This information was last updated in October 2015 and was automatically scanned from a PDF by a machine and therefore may contain errors or omissions for which we claim no responsibility. It is your duty to check the most up to date information.