6. Building Insurance


a) The building insurance has twelve months’ cover renewable on 24 June each year. (Please see the section on making a claim for the policy excess payable)
b) The policy covers the fabric of the building, including walls, floors (uncarpeted), and ceilings. In addition the policy covers fixtures and fittings, which are considered to be permanent. For example, fitted wardrobes and kitchen units (but no appliances), toilets, sinks, baths, doors. Please be advised that if you require to make a claim on the policy that the excess is £1000. This information may be used to determine whether you have adequate contents insurance which should cover, apart from your personal effects, carpets and curtains, movable items of furniture and kitchen appliances Such as Washing machines, refrigerators, cookers, etc. In addition it is necessary for all lessees to have contents insurance, in case they cause damage to other flats. (See additional insurance notes at Section 24.) In the event of a claim you may be required to pay the policy excess. In order to reduce the number of insurance claims there are some simple steps that residents can take.

o Ensure that you check your stop tap annually (if you do not know where this is please contact the in-house plumber via the main reception desk, see item 26)
o Check taps are turned off when you leave your home
o Do not leave plugs in basins, baths and sinks when you go away check those connections to washing machines and dishwashers regularly as these can become loose
o Make sure that if you are going away a key is left with main reception and that you leave emergency contact details with the Estate Office.
o Do not leave running taps unattended
o Ensure bath and shower Sealants are in good order and effective shower Screens or curtains are installed

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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