Local Listing Consultation: Confirmation: Du Cane Court, & Gardens, Balham High Road, SW17

The Council carried out a consultation on local listing during December 2017 and January 2018 following its work with Local Amenity Societies in the borough to nominate candidate buildings, public spaces and artefacts for local listing. Following the consultation, a list of candidates for local listing was approved at the Council’s Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 21 June 2018 and the Executive on 2 July 2018 (Paper 18-180).


I am writing to you as your building/public space/artefact has now been added to the local list. The inclusion of any building/public space/artefact in a local list does not confer any additional protection under planning legislation. However, works to non-designated heritage assets are a material consideration under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Some buildings/public spaces/artefacts are located within the curtilage of listed buildings or in conservation areas in which case they enjoy protection by way of these designations. The existing local list will be updated and can be accessed via the web link below.


Your property’s inclusion in the local list does not prevent you from carrying out works to it. However, you are advised to contact the Council if you have any proposals that may affect its appearance.