7. Nuisance and noise

Section 7 – NUISANCE & NOISE

a) It is important to remember the need for co-operation with other residents. For this reason leases impose various restrictions. The most common form of nuisance is noise, and residents are asked to ensure that the level of any noise caused by them is not audible outside the flat. It should be borne in mind that sound carries through the building more easily at night and in hot weather when windows are open.
o Always ensure that the level of any noise is not audible outside your flat.
o It is a condition of the lease that floors must be carpeted with underlay in all
rooms except the kitchen and bathroom to minimise noise disturbance.
o Please be aware that door slamming and heaving thuds on your floor and the
moving of furniture around your flat can also cause a disturbance,
o Avoid noisy housework like vacuuming late at night or early in the morning.
o Please refrain late at night from standing outside other resident’s windows or within the corridors chatting with friends or talking on your mobiles as this can cause a disturbance to other residents.
o Please be aware if undertaking any DIY works to your flat that in order to minimise the disturbance to other residents that the works must be carried out between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8.30 – 1pm on Saturday. Sunday & Bank Holiday work is not permitted. Please also ensure that you have read the section on repair works within flats in conjunction with this.

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