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Original marketing material for Du Cane Court, when it opened in the late 1930s

The flats in Du Cane Court were rented individually over the years after its initial construction in 1935. In order to facilitate the initial rental of these apartments though Central London Property Trust Ltd created a rental brochure. The brochure shows the flat layouts with floor plans, emphasised the easy living with services and the quick and cheap transport into central London. Original rentals ranged from £60 per annum to £200 per annum.

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Original Du Cane Court Sales Brochure from the 1930's
Du Cane Court Original Rental Brochure Cover – 1

As can be seen in the image below CENTRAL LONDON PROPERTY TRUST, really sold the convenience of Du Cane Court. DU CANE COURT is a magnificent and up-to-date building providing distinctive living accommodation varying from the comfortable single-roomed flat to the none-the-less cosy six-roomed flat or maisonette, complete with every modern convenience, at most economical rentals. It is situated in Balham, S.W.17, and is within one minute of the Southern Railway and Tube Stations, and only nine minutes from Victoria, and has five delightful green commons all within easy reach.

inside cover of du cane court original sales brochure showing the contact details
Original Du Cane Court Brochure Inside cover – 2
The original sales brochure from property company, Central London Property Trust, printed to aid selling apartments at Du Cane Court
The original brochure depicting the entrance lobby – 3
Restaurant & Club – 4

The restaurant was sadly destroyed in 1945 and all the space for the restaurant and club has been converted into living accomodations.

Sales brochure from the 1930’s in Du Cane Court – 5
Du Cane Court Original Sales Brochure – 6
illustration portrays a kitchenette of the type provided in all the large flats. Note.-In the Second Section of Du Cane Court gas is not available. Kitchenettes, etc., are all electric. BATHROOMS. A pedestal hand-basin is provided, with running hot and cold water, and the enclosed panelled bath is fitted with a mixing valve to the hot and cold taps. This ensures a steady flow of water at a constant temperature, as required. The walls round the bath are tiled, and a low-down lavatory cistern and a white enamelled medicine cabinet have been installed. The chromium plated heated towel airer which has been provided will be found both convenient and efficient. All Bathrooms have jointless flooring and a coved skirting. TENANTS at Du Cane Court are drawn from all parts of London and from the four corners of the world. We have extremely interesting people in residence who have come from India, Canada, China, South Africa, etc., but the majority of our tenants are those occupying posts in and around the City, Whitehall and Victoria. In addition, the convenience and lux- ury-and our moderate rentals- have attracted many former dwellers from Knightsbridge, Kensington, Bayswater, etc. KITCHENETTE BATHROOM
Original Du Cane Court Brochure – 7
DUST CHUTES No. 1. Illustration shows Hop- per closed and in position by sink. No. 2. Illustration shows garbage being deposited into Hopper. No. 3. Illustration shows con- tainer in basement being re- moved for disposal of contents. A special feature of every flat and maisonette in the first section of Du Cane Court is the method employed for the immediate dis- posal of dust and garbage. Close to the sink a Hopper has been installed, into which dust and garbage is deposited. The refuse is thus conveyed to a container in the basement. These contain- ers are daily emptied, and the contents disposed of by incinera- tion. See illustrations. These individual dust chutes are only available in the first section. 3
Dust Chutes – as depicted in the original Du Cane Court Sales Brochure – 8
PLANS OF FLATS AND MAISONETTES AT DU CANE COURT ENTRANCE BED-SITTING ROOM 15.4% x 11.IN БАТИ The BATHROOM In all Flats, cupboard accommodation is excellent. In those bedrooms with two cupboards, one cupboard is fitted with shelves and one with one shelf and chromium plated rod under. PLAN OF ONE-ROOMED FLAT TYPE "A" DUST CHUTE ENTRANCE LOBB BED-SITTING ROOM 15:42x 11:1 LOOM CUPD CUPO BED-SITTING ROOM L.FILE KADIAT ATH DUST CHUTE PLAN OF ONE-ROOMED SHARED BATHROOM FLAT.
Floor plans taken from the original marketing material – 9
Two and Three roomed flat floor plans
Two and Three roomed flat floor plans – 10
Floor plan of a five roomed maisonette in Du Cane Court – 11
Maisonette Type T and Type V from Du Cane Court – 12
Original apartment prices at Du Cane Court Scale of INCLUSIVE RENTALS for UNFURNISHED FLATS FLATS AND MAISONETTES at DU CANE COURT ACCORDING TO POSITION AND SIZE FLATS Per Annum. £ s. d. Per Week. 60 23/1 70 0 o 26/11 95 00 367 39 35 ONE-ROOMED Shared Bathroom Flats, each with separate Kitchenette, from ONE ROOMED FLATS, with own Bathroom and Kitchenette, from TWO-ROOMED FLATS THREE-ROOMED FLATS FOUR-ROOMED FLATS FIVE-ROOMED FLATS о 50- 33 130 150 ม 37 57/11 65/5 170 00 31 A few flats and maisonettes may differ from the above rentals on account of size and position. MAISONETTES Per Annum. Per Week. £ s. d. 130 0 0 155 00 35 33 THREE-ROOMED MAISONETTES, with own Bathroom and Kitchenette, from FOUR-ROOMED MAISONETTES FIVE-ROOMED MAISONETTES SIX ROOMED MAISONETTES 39 50/- 59/7 65/5 76/11 170 0 0 F 33 200 0 0 33 *The rent of a Flat or Maisonette includes Rates and Taxes, Central Heating, Constant Hot and Softened Water, Electric Passenger and Service Lifts, Disposal of Refuse, and the services of liveried day and night porters in the entrance halls. The Show Flats at Du Cane Court have been furnished by the Pall Mall Galleries Ltd., 53, King's Road, Chelsea, S.W.3, and are open for inspection at all usual business times.
Original prices for flats in Du Cane Court – 13
A MOST CONVENIENT SITUATION BELIEVE IT OR NOT 495 THERE ARE SOUTHERN RLY. TRAINS DAILY BETWEEN BALHAM AND VICTORIA JUST THINK OF THAT! There's a railway service for you! One that will meet all your needs in these modern days, with the necessity for quick and frequent transport. There is also the UNDERGROUND, with a TWO MINUTE SERVICE to City and West-end during many hours of the day. and only a minute or two more to wait at any time. Balham and Upper Tooting Station (S.R.) and Ralham Underground Station (Edgware and Morden Line) are both only about a minute's walk from Du Cane Court. Travel is cheap and quick. For instance, a weekly season on the S.R. between Balham and Victoria costs only 49 and the time occupied for this journey is only an average of 10 minutes By Underground between Balham and Charing Cross costs only 4- per week, and occupies but 17 minutes. You can travel to the Bank in 19 minutes, or Piccadilly in 21 minutes. In addition to the above, the Bas and Tram services are also exceptionally good. There is also the Green Line Coach Services, which pick up at Balham Station, within one minute of Du Cane Court for central and outlying parts of both sides of London. By living at Du Cane Court, you are provided with what can be rightly termed "SECOND-TO-NONE" transport facilities, with trains so frequent that you do not have to bother with time tables. It's a very important point, is this matter of travel, but there's no need to worry about it if you live at DU CANE COURT, RALHAM HIGH ROAD, S.W.17 HOORGATE STO LIVETPOOL ST OXFORD CIRCUS TOTTENHAM CT. ROAD LEICESTER DO BANK TRAFALGAR CHARING CROSS MCCADILLY WESTMINSTER LONDON BRIDGA WATERLOO VICTORIA WANDSWORTH COMMON BU CANE COURT KENNINGTON BALHAM 100 MC COMMON TO HITCHAN COPPION TO STREATHAM COMMON MAP SHOWING THE CONVENIENT AND ACCESSIBLE POSITION OF DU CANE COURT
Location promotion for Du Cane Court – 14
A PAGE OF PRACTICAL AND USEFUL INFORMATION FOR THOSE TAKING UP RESIDENCE AT DU CANE COURT, BALHAM HIGH ROAD, S. W. 17 TABLE OF TIME OCCUPIED FOR JOURNEYS BY SOUTHERN RAILWAY OR UNDERGROUND. TO VICTORIA 9 MINS . 15 MINS. TO WATERLOO TO CHARING CROSS 17 MINS. 18 MINS. TO LONDON BRIDGE TO TRAFALGAR SQUARE 18 MINS. 19 MINS. TO BANK TO LEICESTER SQUARE TO PICCADILLY 20 MINS. 21 MINS. TO MOORGATE TO LIVERPOOL STREET 21 MINS. 22 MINS. TO OXFORD CIRCUS 23 MINS. SOUTHERN RAILWAY FARES, BALHAM TO VICTORIA. Season Tickets. 1st Class 3rd Class Weekly £0 7 0 £0 49 Monthly £149 £0 16 6 Quarterly £370 £250 CHEAP DAY TICKETS. Cheap day tickets are issued every weekday to Victoria by all trains after 9.30 a.m. Sundays by all trains. Return by any train on the day of issue. Return Fare, 1st Class .. 3rd Class 7d. 45/- BUS SERVICE TO AND FROM WEST-END. Routes Nos. 32 and 88 pass Du Cane Court every few minutes, and proceed to the West-End via Balham High Road; High Street, Clapham; Clapham Road; South Lambeth Road; Great Smith Street; Parliament Square; Whitehall; Trafalgar Square; Piccadilly Circus; Regent Street; Oxford Circus; Oxford Street; Marble Arch; and on to their respective destinations. UNDERGROUND RAILWAY FARES. Season Tickets. Ordin- From Balham to:- Wkly. Mthly. Qty. ary. Trafalgar Square 44. 4- 5d. 4/6 18/6 16/6 Piccadilly Circus 50- Balham Underground Station to Oxford Circus by Bus, half hour, approximately. BUS FARES FROM BALHAM UNDERGROUND STATION. To Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus: Single 5d. Return 8d. TABLE OF DISTANCES FROM DU CANE COURT. TO WANDSWORTH COMMON MILE MILE. TO TOOTING BEC COMMON MILE CHEAP MID-DAY BUS FARE. TO CLAPHAM COMMON.. To Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus (Approximately to am. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday only). TO STREATHAM COMMON TO MITCHAM COMMON 3 MILES. aj MILES. 3d. Although every care has been taken to present accurately the information contained in this brochure concerning the flats and maisonettes at Du Cane Court, such information, or any part of it, cannot be taken or accepted as part of any contract between Tenants and Du Cane Court, Ltd.
A page of practical and useful information from 1935 for Du Cane Court – 15
Back cover from the original marketing material – 16