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Original apartment rental prices at Du Cane Court

Original apartment prices at Du Cane CourtScale of INCLUSIVE RENTALS for UNFURNISHED FLATS FLATS AND MAISONETTES at DU CANE COURT ACCORDING TO POSITION AND SIZE FLATS Per Annum. £ s. d. Per Week. 60 23/1 70 0 o 26/11 95 00 367 39 35 ONE-ROOMED Shared Bathroom Flats, each with separate Kitchenette, from ONE ROOMED FLATS, with own Bathroom and Kitchenette, from TWO-ROOMED FLATS THREE-ROOMED FLATS FOUR-ROOMED FLATS FIVE-ROOMED FLATS о 50- 33 130 150 ม 37 57/11 65/5 170 00 31 A few flats and maisonettes may differ from the above rentals on account of size and position. MAISONETTES Per Annum. Per Week. £ s. d. 130 0 0 155 00 35 33 THREE-ROOMED MAISONETTES, with own Bathroom and Kitchenette, from FOUR-ROOMED MAISONETTES FIVE-ROOMED MAISONETTES SIX ROOMED MAISONETTES 39 50/- 59/7 65/5 76/11 170 0 0 F 33 200 0 0 33 *The rent of a Flat or Maisonette includes Rates and Taxes, Central Heating, Constant Hot and Softened Water, Electric Passenger and Service Lifts, Disposal of Refuse, and the services of liveried day and night porters in the entrance halls. The Show Flats at Du Cane Court have been furnished by the Pall Mall Galleries Ltd., 53, King's Road, Chelsea, S.W.3, and are open for inspection at all usual business times.
Original prices for flats in Du Cane Court

Rental prices in Du Cane Court

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They may seem cheap but remember in 1937 that £60 per annum rental for a tiny studio apartment would be around £3,363.37 in todays money. Oh wait yeah okay that’s very cheap for an apartment in London and no way could you rent for £280 a month maybe a week you will find something.