Legends say that this Art Deco apartment building almost became Hitler’s British headquarters.

Atlas Obscura have written another article including the myth that Hitler wanted Du Cane Court as his UK HQ.

Excerpt: Du Cane Court is a strikingly beautiful Art Deco apartment building in Balham, South London. It opened in 1937 with 676 apartments, making it one of the largest blocks of flats to be found anywhere in Europe. With its distinctive curves and Art Deco styling, Du Cane Court was the height of modernity. Its sleek lobby, marbled pillar entryway, and top floor social club, with a bar and restaurant on the 7th floor, made it a widely popular home for many actors and music hall stars in the 1930s.

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There is no credible historical evidence to suggest that Adolf Hitler intended to set up his command headquarters in the south London suburb of Balham or anywhere else in London. During World War II, Hitler’s headquarters were primarily based in Germany, with several locations serving as his command centers, such as the Wolf’s Lair in Poland and the Berghof in Bavaria.

It’s important to exercise caution with regards to historical claims or rumors without reliable sources. While there were bombing campaigns conducted by Nazi Germany against London during the war, there is no documented evidence to support the notion that Hitler had specific plans to establish his command headquarters in Balham or any other location in London.

It’s crucial to rely on well-documented historical sources and verified information when discussing significant events and historical figures.