Exploring Balham’s Hidden Gems: From Post Office to Cinemas, Discover the Unique Stops on This Fascinating Walk

London Postcode Walks apparently inspired by “the Ladies who Bus” who have travelled London one bus route at a time, and building on the work they have done to become a walking tour guide, this blog is about walking London one postcode at a time. There are over 100 London postcode districts so that should keep me busy!
This phrase “Balham: Gateway to the South” is always associated with Peter Sellers but he did not write it or originally perform the sketch of that name. It was written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden for a 1950s BBC radio series called Third Division with actor Robert Beatty extolling the wonders of ‘Bal-ham’. It was only later more famously performed by Peter Sellers in a parody of an American newsreel travelogue host. This was subsequently released on the 1958 record “The Best of Sellers” and that is what everyone knows. Here is a link to that famous recording in case you want to remind yourself or indeed in case you have never heard it in full: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RTWk9QIKS0 (may need to be reloaded but should work if you do that)

Details of the walking route below.

Start at Balham Post Office which is 92a Balham High Road.

Stop 1: Balham Post Office

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To learn more about the other stops before you end at Stop 11: Majestic Wine (facade of former Odeon Cinema)