4. Key permission slips/External keys


a) Key Permission slips

In the interest of security porters will not release keys to a third party unless the resident occupant has completed a key permission slip request, which are obtainable from the main reception desk. Please note that you must specify the dates and names of the person able to receive the keys, should you have any queries please speak with either the Estate Office staff or reception staff.
Key permission slips can only be valid for 1 month at a time but only if you specify this and must be renewed after this time.
Non-resident leaseholders wishing to give access permission can contact the Estate Office by fax to provide the relevant permission or by email.

b) External Keys

Keys to the external doors are security cut keys and can only be purchased from the office at a cost of £7.50 however before we can issue this we must have full confirmation that you are a resident and if you are a tenant sub-letting your landlord must have completed the necessary documentation to sub-let in order for you to obtain a key. Night staff will challenge any persons entering the building without keys please be advised that this is for your safety and security.

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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