3. Accounting procedures & service charge

a) All accounting matters for Du Cane Court are dealt with by the Brighton Office; however2. SELLING, SUB-LETTING OR BUILDING ALTERATIONS Your lease requires that written permission must be obtained from the freeholder (via their agent) Allsop Residential Investment Management in a number of situations. These include:
a) When the lessee has a purchaser for their flat
b) When the lessee intends to carry out alterations within a flat
c) When the lessee wishes to sub-let their flat.
d) Window replacement installation.
In all cases correspondence should be directed to the Estate Office who will then advise on the procedure to be followed.
any query in the first instance should be raised with the Estate Office who will assist you. Collections Team Tel: 0300 303 1527.
b) Demands for Service charge and ground rent will be dispatched to leaseholders in June and December each year. They should be settled within 14 days of the demand due date. Balancing demands are issued by the latest in July of each year with the previous year end accounts. Your service charge contribution is based on the percentage payable as per the lease for your individual property. Leases on a quarterly charge as defined by their lease will be issued in March, June, September & December.
c) Payments can be sent direct to Allsop Letting and Management’s Leeds office or handed in person to staff within the Estate Office. Receipts are not normally issued for cheques except upon request, a SAE is required if sending to Leeds but receipts can be provided within the Estate Office without an SAE for residents living in the building.
d) The freeholder’s policy on rent collection is attached to these Guidelines.
e) If you have a query concerning your demand, accounting procedures, or payment Please contact Ms Morton within the Estate Office as soon as possible and she will do all she can to assist you with your enquiry.
Download the full Du Cane Court Guide for owners and tenants October 2015