11. Chute rooms/refuse collection/recycling


Chute Rooms

a) Chute rooms are located on each floor in F, H and K blocks for the disposal of everyday refuse, except glass, paper and cans. Please if using these late at night can you do this as quietly as possible so as not to disturb residents who live in this vicinity.
b) Residents living on the ground floors may leave refuse, Securely wrapped,
outside their front doors only and not in any other area before 9.00am on Mondays to Saturdays for collection by the yard staff.
c) If you have refuse which has not been disposed of during the daytime, please keep it in your flat until the morning. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST REFUSE BE PUT IN THE SERVICE LIFT AREA. This is unhygienic and unpleasant for everyone in the vicinity.
Our rubbish collection days are Mondays and Thursday by the local council for refuse and on Tuesday for recycling, this may be subject to changes by the Council and beyond our control.

If you wish to dispose of non-domestic refuse such as cookers, heavy furniture, carpets etc you should contact the Refuse Department of Wandsworth Council directly on 0208 871.8558. Please do not dump unwanted fridges and Washing machines in the skip area. If you have any queries please speak to Estate Office Staff.
The British Heart foundation is always looking for unwanted furniture and electrical goods and can arrange free collection. They can be contacted on 0208871 0677.


We have recycling units within the grounds of the property and these are emptied once a week by the council and are located in the following areas:
o HBin Store = 4 units (This area is locked for safety outside working hours)
e Garage Area = 5 units
o Skip area at the rear of the garage area = 6 behind the skip and 2 in front
Please do not dispose of your recycling items within non-recycle carrier bags as this does defeat the purpose.
Wandsworth Council provide a recycling orange bag to flat owners, please contact them directly if you have not received one as this was carried out in bulk at the property by the Council and the previous occupant of your property may have taken this with them in error.

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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