18. Service lift


The service lift is available from 8 am to 5pm Monday to Friday for the use of lessees for transporting large items and furniture and also for workmen use. On Saturday it is available from 8am – 1pm, however we are able to allow residents only to continue to use this lift until 4pm on a Saturday for transporting furniture and large items. No Bank Holiday or Sunday use. Please do not ask staff to use the lift out of the above hours.
Please ensure when using this lift that you close the door correctly as other people may wish to use this lift and if the bell is continually sounding to call the lift due to the doors not being shut properly it can cause a disturbance to other residents,
Residents moving in and out of the building please be aware of these timings as out of these hours you will not be able to transport items within the passenger lifts and also you may have to move all your items by using the stairs.

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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Note: This information was last updated in October 2015