Don’t live in Beautiful Art Deco Du Cane Court but want to see inside?

The wonders of technology and social media mean many of the residents of Du Cane Court have shared pictures of the inside of this stunning 1930’s building on Balham High Road in South London. From the wonders of the balustrades to the original art deco features. Even the utilitarianContinueContinue reading “Don’t live in Beautiful Art Deco Du Cane Court but want to see inside?”

A brief History of Du Cane Court

It has featured in property programmes on television; and has benefited from a wide compass of residents and visitors, who, in the fullness of time, have spread the news about what it is like to live there. The building was erected between 1935 and 1938, and has pleasing curves and metal window-frames, similar to thoseContinueContinue reading “A brief History of Du Cane Court”

Big in Balham

Inside Du Cane Court, an art deco gem in London’s Balham and the property manager who keeps the iconic 1930’s block running smoothly in the modern world. The article on titled “Big in Balham” provides an insightful overview of the Balham area in London. It highlights the neighbourhood’s popularity and desirability among residents andContinueContinue reading “Big in Balham”

Du Cane Court Residents Guide

Du Cane Court Residents Guide Guidelines to flat owners This booklet has been produced in consultation with the Residents Association and the Freeholders, Dorrington Belgravia Limited. It is intended to offer assistance and guidance on a number of areas likely to concern residents at Du Cane Court. The aim is to ensure that the buildingContinueContinue reading “Du Cane Court Residents Guide”