12. Security

Section 12 – SECURITY

a) Security arrangements throughout the building are extremely important. Fire escape doors are only to be used in an emergency. They should never be propped open as this allows access to undesirable persons. Once such persons are inside the building they are able to roam around freely. Therefore, for your own and others’ security, please use Specified entrance and exit doors.
We ask that fast food deliveries after 11pm are met by with you down in the main reception as we do not wish to have persons roaming around the building late at night.
b) We recommend you advise the Estate Office if your flat is likely to be unoccupied for any length of time. It is also helpful if an address and telephone number (or other contact, such as a neighbour) can be provided for use in the event of an emergency.
c) Security at Du Cane Court can only be maintained with residents’ vigilance. PLEASE CONTACT DESK STAFF IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS TEL: 02086738592.
d) Should you wish to allow access to your property to a third party please read section 4 on key permission slips which are obtainable from the main reception desk.
For the safety of all residents we ask that at night you use the main foyer doors for your entry/exit into the building.
Keys to the main entrance doors can be purchased from the Estate Office at £7.50, we may require proof of ID and also if you are tenant we require a Licence to Sub-let from your landlord before this can be issued.

Du Cane Court Guide for Owners and Tenants

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