From Speke Airport to Liverpool John Lennon Airport: Soaring into a Musical Legacy

In the heart of Liverpool, the city forever associated with the legendary Beatles, lies an airport that pays homage to one of music’s most iconic figures. Formerly known as Speke Airport and now proudly bearing the name Liverpool John Lennon Airport, this transportation hub embodies the spirit of the legendary musician. Join us as we explore the history, evolution, and musical legacy of this remarkable airport, celebrating the enduring influence of John Lennon and the vibrant city he called home.

A Historic Transformation:

Originally established in 1933 as Speke Airport, this transportation gateway underwent a significant transformation in 2001 when it was renamed Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The decision to honour the legendary musician, known for his role as a founding member of the Beatles and his lasting impact on popular music, was a testament to his enduring legacy and the city’s commitment to celebrating its musical heritage.

Connecting the World:

Liverpool John Lennon Airport serves as a vital link between Liverpool and the rest of the world. With its strategic location, modern facilities, and a wide range of destinations, it welcomes travellers from far and wide. From holidaymakers seeking the Beatles’ magical history to business travellers making global connections, the airport’s reach extends beyond the city’s borders, enabling journeys of exploration, inspiration, and excitement.

Musical Tributes and Inspirations:

The influence of John Lennon permeates every corner of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Visitors are greeted with vibrant tributes to the iconic musician, including statues, artwork, and even a “Yellow Submarine” suspended from the ceiling. The airport’s commitment to infusing music into the traveler’s experience creates an atmosphere of excitement and creativity, echoing the spirit of the city’s vibrant music scene.

Beyond the Runways:

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is more than just a transportation hub; it has become a cultural touchstone. The airport regularly hosts live music performances, creating a harmonious ambiance that echoes the city’s thriving music scene. Travellers can immerse themselves in live performances, showcasing both established and emerging talents, capturing the essence of Liverpool’s musical heritage.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

The legacy of John Lennon goes beyond the airport’s physical presence. It serves as a catalyst for inspiration and creativity, encouraging aspiring musicians, artists, and dreamers to pursue their passions fearlessly. The airport’s tribute to Lennon’s visionary spirit sends a powerful message to all who pass through its gates: that anything is possible with imagination, dedication, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams.

Preserving Art Deco Elegance:

The Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport Hotel is a remarkable Grade II listed Art Deco building that adds a touch of timeless elegance to its modern amenities. Originally known as the Liverpool Airport Terminal Building, this architectural gem was constructed in the late 1930s and played a significant role in the city’s aviation history.

Designed by architects A.G. Lyster and H. Ellis Reid, the building showcases the distinctive characteristics of the Art Deco style, which was popular during the period. Its sleek lines, geometric patterns, and decorative elements reflect the architectural trends of the time, epitomising the elegance and glamour associated with this iconic design movement.

The hotel’s Grade II listed status highlights its architectural significance and historical value, ensuring the preservation and protection of its unique features for future generations to appreciate. The designation recognises the building’s cultural importance and the need to maintain its architectural integrity.

While the exterior of the Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport Hotel retains its Art Deco charm, the interior has been tastefully modernised to provide contemporary comfort and amenities for guests. The hotel successfully blends the nostalgia of the past with the convenience of modern facilities, offering a memorable and enjoyable stay for visitors.

The Art Deco influences extend beyond the building’s façade, as the hotel’s interior design incorporates elements that pay homage to the era. From stylish furnishings to elegant lighting fixtures, guests can immerse themselves in the ambiance of a bygone era while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a luxury hotel.

The Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport Hotel’s Art Deco heritage, combined with its prime location adjacent to the airport, makes it a sought-after destination for both business and leisure travellers. Guests have easy access to the airport’s facilities and excellent transport links to Liverpool’s vibrant city centre, where they can explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, visit iconic landmarks, and experience its renowned music scene.

Whether appreciating its architectural splendour from the outside or revelling in the Art Deco-inspired interior, the Grade II listed Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport Hotel stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of this iconic design style. It offers a unique and memorable experience for guests seeking a harmonious blend of history, sophistication, and modern luxury.


Liverpool John Lennon Airport stands as a testament to the enduring impact of John Lennon and the city’s musical heritage. From its humble beginnings as Speke Airport to its transformation into a hub that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Liverpool’s music scene, the airport connects people, cultures, and dreams. As travellers pass through its gates, they become part of a larger narrative—a tale of creativity, inspiration, and the timeless legacy of a musical icon. Liverpool John Lennon Airport welcomes all, inviting them to embark on their own magical journeys, in the spirit of John Lennon’s immortal words, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”