The Magnificent Legacy of the Littlewoods Pools Building on Edge Lane, Liverpool

Located along the bustling Edge Lane in Liverpool stands a remarkable architectural gem known as the Littlewoods Pools Building. This iconic structure holds a special place in the city’s history, symbolising the vibrant culture of football pools and leisure activities in post-war Britain. With its distinctive Art Deco design and rich heritage, the Littlewoods Pools Building has become an enduring symbol of Liverpool’s past and a testament to the city’s architectural prowess.

A Hub of Football Pools:

Built in 1938, the Littlewoods Pools Building served as the headquarters for the famous Littlewoods Pools company. Sir John Moores, the visionary entrepreneur, founded the company, revolutionising the concept of football pools and transforming it into a national pastime. The building became the nerve centre of this cultural phenomenon, attracting pools enthusiasts from across the nation who eagerly placed their weekly bets in hopes of striking it lucky.

Architectural Marvel:

The Littlewoods Pools Building, designed by Scottish architect Gerald de Courcey Fraser, exudes an elegant Art Deco style that blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape. Its striking features, including curved lines, decorative motifs, and intricate detailing, captivate passersby and evoke a sense of grandeur. The building’s façade boasts geometric patterns, sleek curves, and ornate metalwork, reflecting the architectural trends of the era.

A Symbol of Prosperity:

The construction of the Littlewoods Pools Building was a testament to Liverpool’s prosperity and innovation in the early 20th century. As the city grew and thrived, this architectural marvel rose as a symbol of progress, reflecting Liverpool’s prominence in commerce, leisure, and sporting culture.

Preserving the Legacy:

Although the Littlewoods Pools company ceased operations in the early 21st century, the building remains a cherished part of Liverpool’s architectural heritage. Efforts have been made to preserve its unique character, with discussions of potential redevelopment and repurposing to ensure its continued significance in the city.

Cultural Significance:

The Littlewoods Pools Building holds immense cultural significance, representing a shared experience and memories for generations of Liverpool residents. It embodies a sense of community and camaraderie, with countless individuals eagerly checking their pools coupons every week, dreaming of the big win. The building remains an iconic landmark that evokes nostalgia and a sense of pride among Liverpudlians.

Looking to the Future:

As plans unfold for the future of the Littlewoods Pools Building, there is an opportunity to honour its rich history while embracing its potential as a vibrant space for the community. Whether through adaptive reuse, cultural exhibitions, or mixed-use development, the aim is to breathe new life into this architectural treasure, ensuring that it continues to play a role in Liverpool’s narrative for years to come.


The Littlewoods Pools Building on Edge Lane stands as a testament to Liverpool’s sporting heritage, architectural brilliance, and cultural significance. With its Art Deco splendour and historical legacy, it remains an enduring symbol of the city’s prosperity and innovation. As efforts continue to preserve and reimagine this iconic structure, the Littlewoods Pools Building is poised to embark on a new chapter, embracing its past while embracing a future that celebrates its unique place in Liverpool’s collective memory.