Amazing Examples of Art Deco in South Beach Miami

It’s August and it’s hot so one can’t help but think of sunnier climes and beaches. Art Deco enclaves around the world like Miami Beach and South Beach and Fort Lauderdale mean if you are interested in Art Deco you can incorporate your love of architecture with a holiday.

Now imagine if Du Cane Court had been built in South Beach Miami! Not only would there be more likelihood of every flat having a balcony but there is a possibility that instead of brick there would be painted plasterwork.

Imagine if they had painted Du Cane this colour! It would definitely be a tourist attraction.

Or maybe some peach eyelids over the windows on Du Cane Court would add interest?

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Peach and jade green were definitely in vogue during the Art Deco heydays.

Maybe something a little more cavalier…

Or a subtle neon signage with pastel painted background over the reception at Du Cane Court would be more your style? Like the Breakwater.

See the Delano below…

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Du Cane Court is definitely as imposing as the Delano but now the bar has gone and the restaurant it’s not quite so chic.

Du Cane is probably more suited to some subtle marble than the neon of the signage.

A lemon sorbet DCC would be seen from miles around and possibly glow in the dark!

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Not as vibrant as the Waldorf Towers though in bright orange.

What’s your favourite South Beach / Miami inspiration for a Du Cane Court makeover? Answers on a postcard…