23. Plumbing liabilities



The staff plumber carries out Small works in the building on communal installations. He also finds the source of leaks when reported. His services extend to changing washers, clearing blockages and non-major pipe work repairs. Generally these services are free, but if he is working on individual pipes or cisterns, his materials and his time will be charged to the flat concerned. (Please see below INDIVIDUAL LESSEE LIABILITY). If he is undertaking work he, or the office, will advise if it is a charge to the flat. If in doubt check with the office. Any recharge made is much cheaper than if
outside contractors are called in. Please find attached the procedure for using the in-house plumber. Make sure that your tenants are aware of this if your property is rented.The in-house plumber is on site Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, if you are having any plumbing works carried out within your flat we strongly advise you to have this carried out within these hours, this way if a problem does arise the in-house plumber should be able to assist you. If you carry out plumbing works at any other time and a problem does arise or a leak develops in any part of the plumbing within your flat for which you are responsible you will be charged for the resulting emergency call out and
We cannot guarantee that the in-house plumber will attend, you may then need to use an independent firm.
Several residents have enquired about the fitting of thermostatic valves; this is an individual flat owner liability and not a service charge item. The fitting of this can only be undertaken and completed whilst the heating system is off. Please consult with the in-house plumber (See item. 26)

COMMUNAL PIPES (Service Charge Liability)

The building is responsible, through the service charge, to maintain the communal installations. These are the supply pipes in the ducts to the flats, which serve hot and cold water and also central heating. The waste pipes in the stack are also communal.


Pipes individually serving one flat are the liability of that flat’s lessee. This includes waste pipes, hot and cold feed pipes from the Service duct, plus stopcocks to sinks, baths and basins, as well as the waste pipes from these fittings. Radiators and their valves are also the lessee’s individual liability and the pipe work once it leaves the main system.


If in doubt ask! Immediately report all leaks/faults to the desk for the in-house plumber. If you are having plumbing works carried out please check with the office and ALWAYS have the stopcocks checked first to ensure they work. If they do not, this must be your plumber’s first job. Any requests for water shut downs must be notified to the desk at least 24 hours in advance. We always try to accommodate such requests but no guarantees can be given.
Please ensure if you are considering changing your radiators that you are aware that the heating System here is an open system and that some radiators are not suitable.
We would advise that you or your contractor speak to the in-house plumber prior to undertaking any plumbing works within your property.

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