The Former Leyland Motor Co. Depot: A Glasgow Faded Gem in Need of Restoration

In-between the bustling M74 and the gateway to Glasgow Central, the former Leyland depot in Salkeld Street stands as a poignant reminder of 1930s moderne architecture. Once a beacon of opulence for those fortunate enough to own a motorcar during its heyday, this garage, with its sleek Art Deco tower, now languishes in a state of disrepair, longing for extensive restoration. This article delves into the history and current state of the Leyland depot, highlighting the need to revive this architectural gem that was once a symbol of prestige.

A Glimpse into the Past:

Back in 1933, the Leyland depot opened its doors, showcasing the epitome of 1930s moderne style. The sleek Art Deco tower that adorned the garage served as a visual landmark for the privileged few who owned automobiles during that era. Designed by esteemed architect James Miller (1860-1947), the building exuded elegance and sophistication, reflecting the aspirations of a society embracing the motorcar revolution.

Neglected and Forgotten:

Sadly, the Leyland depot has suffered neglect and abandonment for many years. Left vacant and devoid of purpose, the once-grand structure now stands forlorn, its surfaces marred by graffiti. The deterioration of this architectural gem is a stark contrast to its former glory, leaving observers to lament its dilapidated state.

An Architect’s Vision Unfulfilled:

If James Miller, the revered architect responsible for the Leyland depot’s design, were alive today, he would undoubtedly be disheartened by its current condition. Miller, known for his contributions to Glasgow’s architectural landscape, would witness the demise of his creation, a stark reminder of the need for preservation and revitalisation.

A Call for Restoration:

The Leyland depot’s current state presents an opportunity for revitalisation and restoration. Given its historical significance and architectural value, efforts to breathe new life into this faded gem would not only revive its former glory but also contribute to the preservation of Glasgow’s rich heritage. Restoration would honour the vision of James Miller and ensure that future generations can appreciate the beauty of 1930s moderne architecture.

Preserving the Legacy:

Recognising the importance of architectural preservation, the revival of the Leyland depot would serve as a testament to Glasgow’s commitment to its history. Restoring this neglected structure would rekindle the spirit of its original purpose and allow it to reclaim its position as a notable landmark within the city.


The former Leyland depot in Salkeld Street stands as a poignant reminder of Glasgow’s architectural heritage and the need for restoration. Once an elegant symbol of motoring luxury, this Art Deco gem now languishes in a state of neglect. However, with dedicated efforts to restore its former glory, the Leyland depot has the potential to shine once again, becoming a testament to Glasgow’s commitment to preserving its history and architectural legacy. Through restoration, this faded gem can reclaim its rightful place as a cherished landmark, offering future generations a glimpse into the grandeur of the past.