The enchanting world of Art Deco elegance at the remarkable Eltham Palace in Pictures

Step into the enchanting world of Art Deco elegance at the remarkable Eltham Palace. Located in southeast London, this stunning attraction seamlessly combines medieval splendour with Art Deco grandeur. Here are the top 10 Art Deco delights that make visiting Eltham Palace an unforgettable experience:

The Great Hall:
Step into the iconic Great Hall, at Eltham where medieval architecture and Art Deco design seamlessly blend. Marvel at the stunning double-height space adorned with exquisite wood paneling, decorative mouldings, and a breathtaking ceiling.

The Entrance Hall:
Be greeted by the grand Entrance Hall, a masterpiece of Art Deco design. Admire the elegant curved staircase, intricate marble flooring, and stylish geometric motifs that create a sense of timeless glamour.

The Eltham Palace Gardens:
Venture outside and explore the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace. Designed by renowned landscape architect Stephen Courtauld, the gardens feature Art Deco elements such as geometric flower beds, sunken rose gardens, and a tranquil moat that adds to the overall allure.

The Drawing Room:
Experience the height of Art Deco sophistication in the Drawing Room. The lavish furnishings, mirrored walls, and sleek lines create an atmosphere of refined elegance. Don’t miss the stunning views of the gardens through the large picture windows.

The Dining Room:
Indulge in the grandeur of the Art Deco-inspired Dining Room. The unique curved walls, gilded mouldings, and opulent chandelier set the stage for exquisite dining experiences. Imagine the glamour and lively conversations that once filled this magnificent space.

The Billiard Room:
Step into the Billiard Room and be transported back in time. Admire the beautiful oak paneling, the intricate Art Deco fireplace, and the stylish furnishings. This room exudes a sense of sophistication and leisure, inviting you to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

The Courtauld’s Bathroom:
Marvel at the Courtauld’s lavish Art Deco bathroom, a true gem within the palace. The sunken bathtub, luxurious gold accents, and mirrored walls create a sanctuary of indulgence. It’s a testament to the Courtauld family’s love for innovative design and modern comforts.

The Cinema:
Discover the first privately owned cinema in England within Eltham Palace. This Art Deco gem showcases the family’s passion for entertainment and cutting-edge technology. Sit back and imagine yourself experiencing the magic of cinema in this unique and stylish setting.

The Courtyard:
Take a moment to appreciate the Art Deco touches in the palace’s picturesque courtyard. The geometric patterns, stylish ironwork, and elegant fountain create a harmonious outdoor space that complements the palace’s architectural splendour.

The Modernist Influence:
As you explore Eltham Palace, you’ll notice the integration of modernist influences alongside Art Deco. The bold use of colours, innovative materials, and streamlined forms reflect the progressive spirit of the time, demonstrating how Eltham Palace was at the forefront of design trends.

Visiting Eltham Palace is a journey into the world of Art Deco indulgence, where medieval heritage meets modern elegance. From the grand halls and luxurious rooms to the beautiful gardens and captivating cinema, each Art Deco delight awaits your discovery. Immerse yourself in the opulence and glamour of this architectural gem and experience the allure of Eltham Palace firsthand.