Du Cane Court Sales Brochure Page 7

DUST CHUTES No. 1. Illustration shows Hop- per closed and in position by sink. No. 2. Illustration shows garbage being deposited into Hopper. No. 3. Illustration shows con- tainer in basement being re- moved for disposal of contents. A special feature of every flat and maisonette in the first section of Du Cane Court is the method employed for the immediate dis- posal of dust and garbage. Close to the sink a Hopper has been installed, into which dust and garbage is deposited. The refuse is thus conveyed to a container in the basement. These contain- ers are daily emptied, and the contents disposed of by incinera- tion. See illustrations. These individual dust chutes are only available in the first section. 3

Dust Chutes – as depicted in the original Du Cane Court Sales Brochure

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