A page of practical and useful information

A PAGE OF PRACTICAL AND USEFUL INFORMATION FOR THOSE TAKING UP RESIDENCE AT DU CANE COURT, BALHAM HIGH ROAD, S. W. 17 TABLE OF TIME OCCUPIED FOR JOURNEYS BY SOUTHERN RAILWAY OR UNDERGROUND. TO VICTORIA 9 MINS . 15 MINS. TO WATERLOO TO CHARING CROSS 17 MINS. 18 MINS. TO LONDON BRIDGE TO TRAFALGAR SQUARE 18 MINS. 19 MINS. TO BANK TO LEICESTER SQUARE TO PICCADILLY 20 MINS. 21 MINS. TO MOORGATE TO LIVERPOOL STREET 21 MINS. 22 MINS. TO OXFORD CIRCUS 23 MINS. SOUTHERN RAILWAY FARES, BALHAM TO VICTORIA. Season Tickets. 1st Class 3rd Class Weekly £0 7 0 £0 49 Monthly £149 £0 16 6 Quarterly £370 £250 CHEAP DAY TICKETS. Cheap day tickets are issued every weekday to Victoria by all trains after 9.30 a.m. Sundays by all trains. Return by any train on the day of issue. Return Fare, 1st Class .. 3rd Class 7d. 45/- BUS SERVICE TO AND FROM WEST-END. Routes Nos. 32 and 88 pass Du Cane Court every few minutes, and proceed to the West-End via Balham High Road; High Street, Clapham; Clapham Road; South Lambeth Road; Great Smith Street; Parliament Square; Whitehall; Trafalgar Square; Piccadilly Circus; Regent Street; Oxford Circus; Oxford Street; Marble Arch; and on to their respective destinations. UNDERGROUND RAILWAY FARES. Season Tickets. Ordin- From Balham to:- Wkly. Mthly. Qty. ary. Trafalgar Square 44. 4- 5d. 4/6 18/6 16/6 Piccadilly Circus 50- Balham Underground Station to Oxford Circus by Bus, half hour, approximately. BUS FARES FROM BALHAM UNDERGROUND STATION. To Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus: Single 5d. Return 8d. TABLE OF DISTANCES FROM DU CANE COURT. TO WANDSWORTH COMMON MILE MILE. TO TOOTING BEC COMMON MILE CHEAP MID-DAY BUS FARE. TO CLAPHAM COMMON.. To Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus (Approximately to am. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday only). TO STREATHAM COMMON TO MITCHAM COMMON 3 MILES. aj MILES. 3d. Although every care has been taken to present accurately the information contained in this brochure concerning the flats and maisonettes at Du Cane Court, such information, or any part of it, cannot be taken or accepted as part of any contract between Tenants and Du Cane Court, Ltd.

A page of practical and useful information from 1935 for Du Cane Court

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