Art Deco Amsterdam and the Pathé Tuschinski Cinema

The very gothic looking Pathé Tuschinski Cinema in Amsterdam is a mix of styles with an amazing art deco interior.

Tuschinski is a huge, Art Deco cinema palace located between the Muntplein Munt tower (near the world-famous flower market) and the Rembrandtplein. Walking around the flower market area, you should see two towers by Tuschinski rising above other buildings. Built by the polish immigrant  Abraham Icek Tuschinski (1898-1942), the cinema opened in 1921 and it is still around today with its Art Deco interior one of the most intriguing buildings in Amsterdam.

Tuschinski arrived in Rotterdam from Poland. Cinema was a new craze when he arrived and Tuschinski managed to open four cinemas in Rotterdam. In 1917, Tuschinski moved to Amsterdam, and a year later began the construction of the now world-famous cinema in Amsterdam at the time it cost around 4 million guilders.

The cinema is a mixture of Art Deco with the style of the Dutch Amsterdam School and some Art Nouveau mixed in for good measure. The original architect could not finish the building and Tuschinski fired him before the end of the construction, and two other architects ended up completing the interiors.

Fancy a weekend in Amsterdam to visit this gem?