The Extraordinary 4-Bedroom Du Cane Court Floorplan: Prepare to Be Amazed!

Whilst Du Cane Court has a variety of styles of apartments, there are not many four bedroom properties available in the block. There are however two styles of these larger flats. Single story 4 beds and four bedroom duplexes. These apartments are always popular because of their relative scarcity.
Here is a floor plan for a Ducane court 4 bedroom flat. Not all the Ducane flats are the same size and this is also true of the much larger four bedroom flats. These larger flats are amongst the most expensive you will find in the block to rent or to buy.
This two floor, 4 bedroom apartment is 1150 sqft approx 107 sqm and as you can see is quite well laid out almost like a regular house.

large 4 bedroom floor plan
large 4 bedroom flat

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