14. Parking & Bicycle storage

Section 14 – Parking & Bicycle storage


Application forms for parking permits are available from the main reception desk. Please be advised that is no automatic right to park. The freeholders have agreed to allow residents parking subject to the conditions set out below and also on the car disc application forms:
Du Cane Court is easy prey for car drivers looking for free parking in this area and to ensure that illegal parking does not take place, car-parking discs are issued to leaseholders who have a car. Clamping is also undertaken and the management accepts no liability for any vehicles clamped/ticketed. In the case of a dispute due to any clamping/ticketing this must be dealt with directly with the Company and not the managing agents.
Cars parked in Du Cane Court not displaying a current permit will be ticketed/ clamped.
To obtain a disc please contact the Reception Desk. You will need to demonstrate that the vehicle is taxed, insured and roadworthy and that you are a legitimate resident of Du Cane Court. Only one disc can be issued per flat. If you are a tenant and your landlord has failed to obtain a licence to sub-let in accordance with the lease we will not
be able to Supply you with a parking permit,
Parking for cars is available in the front courtyards A/B/C and C/D/E and the rear of the building. Parking bays and garages can be rented via the Estate Office.

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