25. Freeholder policy on rent collection



Dorrington’s policy is to act as a responsible landlord and to deal fairly with our tenants. Your rent will be requested as defined by your tenancy agreement or rent registration, usually on a calendar month basis in advance. Some rents are payable quarterly. Some rents are paid by standing order.
We ask our managing agents to submit an initial request for payment, as far as practical, at least ten days before it is due. If rent is unpaid on that date you will be sent a reminder. If your rent is paid by Housing Benefit you must instruct the Housing Benefit Department to pay your rent directly to our managing agents.

What you need to do – Be aware of the date that your rent is requested and how much you have to pay, and ensure that you pay the rent due to the managing agents. Many tenants find it easier to arrange payments by standing order and we encourage this method.
Please do not ignore our initial request, the reminder or letters advising you that we intend to take recovery action. Do not arbitrarily withhold your rental payments. If you have a query about your account, raise it in writing with our managing agents, but your payment must be made.
Non-payment of rent – If your rent is not paid on time we will have to take action. After the managing agents have requested your rent and reminded you of your obligations to pay, you may then be issued with a Statutory Notice advising you of our intention to begin legal proceedings for the recovery of the rent and repossession of your home.

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