🌟 The Hoover Building: Where Art Deco Splendor Meets Industrial Heritage 🌟

Nestled in the suburban neighbourhood of Perivale, London, stands a true architectural gem that effortlessly marries Art Deco elegance with industrial heritage – The Hoover Building. This iconic structure, once home to the Hoover Company’s factory, stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and innovation of Art Deco design.


The Hoover Building, completed in 1932, immediately catches the eye with its striking white façade and distinctive Art Deco features. Designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, renowned architects of the era, the building showcases the sleek lines, geometric patterns, and decorative reliefs that define the Art Deco style. Its symmetrical composition exudes a sense of harmony and balance, inviting admiration from all who pass by.

Originally a manufacturing site for Hoover vacuum cleaners, The Hoover Building seamlessly combines functional purpose with architectural splendour. Its grandeur and opulence were intended to symbolise the success and modernity of the Hoover Company, making it a source of pride for its employees and a landmark in the local community.

The interior of The Hoover Building is equally breathtaking, boasting a stunning central atrium with a remarkable glass dome that bathes the space in natural light. The atrium features beautiful Art Deco details, including ornate metalwork, elegant staircases, and richly adorned ceilings. It is a sight to behold, transporting visitors back to the heyday of Art Deco glamour.

Current Use

In recent years, The Hoover Building has undergone a transformation, with its industrial past repurposed for modern use. Today, it houses a mix of residential apartments and office spaces, providing a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary functionality. Its exterior has been carefully restored to preserve the building’s original splendour, ensuring that future generations can appreciate its architectural significance.

The Hoover Building stands not only as a remarkable example of Art Deco architecture but also as a testament to the preservation of industrial heritage. It has been recognised with Grade II* listed status, acknowledging its exceptional historical and architectural value.

As you stand in awe of The Hoover Building’s grandeur and beauty, take a moment to reflect on the legacy it represents. It serves as a reminder of London’s rich industrial history, the enduring allure of Art Deco design, and the importance of preserving architectural treasures that define our cultural heritage.

So, whether you admire it from afar or have the opportunity to step inside, The Hoover Building in Perivale invites you to immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Art Deco splendour. Experience the union of industrial heritage and architectural beauty, and let this remarkable structure inspire you with its enduring legacy. ✨🏒